The Specter of Success

For the past three years, President Obama has been engaged in, what the Right calls, Class Warfare. This means that Obama’s policies have been such that the only way one economic class of people can succeed is if another is penalized. It’s no wonder he’s adopted this policy; it’s popular but misguided.

Obama has made an enemy out of the “1%” as Stalin made an enemy out of the Ukrainian “Kulaks.” After the Bolsheviks in Russia were successful in eliminating the rich – and therefore corrupt – bourgeoisie, he needed another enemy to rally the people against. His fabricated enemy were those farmers in Ukraine who were successful and well off despite the debilitating economic principles of Stalinist communism. I do not lightly make comparisons between Stalin and Obama, but this comparison is too fitting to pass up. Please keep in mind that this is the only similarity that I believe to be fitting between Stalin and Obama. I in no way contend that Obama is an evil villainous murder like Stalin of old. But the principle is still the same. Obama has created an enemy against whom he can rally support, the notorious “1%.”

This rhetoric, started by the Occupy movement, and perpetuated by our President, has damaging effects on this country. An easy example of how this is perpetuated can be seen in liberal Hollywood.

Recently I saw two movies that are great cases of this. In the recent Muppet movie, the evil heartless villain was portrayed by a greedy owner of an oil company named Tex RICHman. In the movie, “Tower Heist,” again the villian is portrayed by a billionaire Wall Street investor who shows absolutely no consideration for others, only himself. I do not think that these movies were politically motivated entirely, but it does show an increase in sentiment that the “1%” is what is keeping this country from prosperity.

But why is it that we must be pitted against each other in order to obtain personal success and prosperity? Why do you become untrustworthy and un-American by making seven figures a year? Let’s assume for a minute that every billionaire in the world is like those villains portrayed by Hollywood. The fact remains the same, it is because of those men and women that jobs are created and the market can thrive. Of course there are those who cheat the system, but this occurs at every level of income, not just in the “1%”

I think we don’t give these people enough credit. Most rich people in our country have had to earn their wealth like anyone else. They worked hard and used their God given skills and talents to obtain the American dream. Why should they be punished and demonized? Because they worked hard?

Instead of allowing yourself to be fooled into thinking by this administration that the only way the poor can thrive is if the rich are penalized think about what good comes from their success. Companies are expanded, jobs are created, and others are given the opportunity to thrive just as they have.

Obama has said that he would like anyone who makes >$1,000,000 to pay %30 in taxes. That’s $300,000 for every million earned. Imagine what a person could do with that kind of money? They could buy luxury items from small businesses (providing income to the small business owner who can then spend that money on someone else), they could expand their own business and provide more jobs. The Obama administration has added over five-trillion dollars in debt, and what do we have to show for it? Are your streets paved with gold? Mine sure aren’t. So instead of punishing those who drive the economy in order to give the government more money to waste, let’s accept the fact that though there are people more economically prosperous than us, it is they who allow us the opportunity to prosper, not the government.


5 thoughts on “The Specter of Success

  1. 300,000 could also buy you a nice size island too, (insert quote from “The Last of Sheila”). My biggest qualm about the 99% BS, is the ingratitude that show for what we(the USA) do have. It’s obvious that no Wall Street protester has ever been outside of the US and have seen the lifestyle of some people. I mean we have cars, central cooling and heating, internet in our homes and in our phones, a police part which for the most part is not corrupt(I would venture to say it is the least corrupt, but i don’t know any stats about it) the list could go on. But I feel that people would be happier if they were grateful for what they had and realized how good they felt from working hard to achieve a goal, rather than asking for a hand out. Or the benefit of being self sufficient.

  2. Nice article. Good work. Interesting comparison between Stalin and Obama in that aspect of trying to vilify the successful in order to garner approval.

  3. So how do you reconcile the influence of corporations on government? It isn’t the fact that the 1% has billions of dollars that bothers me; it is the special treatment they receive from Congress. Using taxpayer funds to bail out billions of dollars to executives who have made poor decisions is unethical. This is what infuriates me about the 1%. Capitalism has been cast out and corporatism has replaced it.

    I do agree with Jason that the protesters generally have an attitude of ingratitude and entitlement. This, along with the fact that they are misdirecting the protestations, will do little to help their cause. If they educate themselves and take their concerns to government, maybe then we’ll see change leading us again towards a fair market system.

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