Contraception and the Constitution

Some quick thoughts on the issue of government subsidized contraception.

First off, how ridiculous is it that we are even having this debate! I mean seriously, how bloated has our government become that we are actually arguing about this. The government has no business subsidizing something like birth control as a contraceptive, period.

There are a couple of arguments floating around about this issue that I feel are confusing the public.

The most ridiculous of them being that people are claiming that Republicans believe contraception is a bad thing and we should deny women access to it. False. Even Rick Santorum – who personally doesn’t believe it is right to use contraception ever –  doesn’t feel that it is right to deny access of this medication to women. That’s the first thing.

The reason this is even an issue is because Obama is undermining religious liberties in order to push his own social agenda. Obama likes to give people stuff using other people’s money. I don’t blame him, it’s smart politics. People like you if you give them stuff. As part of Obama’s Health care plan, commonly known as Obamacare, all insurance providers would be required by law to include contraception as a part of that insurance coverage. This means that every institution in America would be forced to offer its employees insurance with contraception coverage. This includes religious organizations. The use of contraception is against the moral code of the Catholic Church, to just name the biggest player in this debate. Under this law, the Catholic Church would be forced to pay for insurance policies that provided contraception. This would be like forcing Muslims to take everyone out for pork chops or Mormons to buy people beer. It is simply ridiculous and it is a direct attack on religious liberties.

Proponents of the government subsidized contraception say, “Wait a minute bud, this isn’t about sex, it’s about health! Major diseases can be treated and prevented because of birth control pills.” To them I say, “GOOD!” No one out there is saying that nothing good can come of birth control pills. Even the Catholic Church recognizes the medicinal value of birth control pills and has said that they would allow the use of birth control pills for the explicit purpose of curing these various diseases, just not for their more popular purpose of controlling birth. They feel that that is God’s responsibility, and if that’s what they believe,  let them believe!

What we really need to do is get government out of the way of health insurance. If health insurance providers want to include birth control as part of their coverage, let them. If people want to purchase a health insurance plan that includes coverage of contraceptives, let them. But if people want to opt out, that should be just as much their right.

I would challenge anyone to find a spot in the Constitution where it talks about how people have a right to contraceptives. I understand the desire to want to help the less fortunate. But there already is a system set up for that. There are plenty of Non-profit health clinics who would be glad to give people all of the contraceptives that they wanted. And if we really feel that at the end of the day the government needs to be involved, then at least do it in a manner that does not infringe upon the religious beliefs of others.


5 thoughts on “Contraception and the Constitution

  1. While you make some valid points, I think it is hard for a man to make an argument about something that is a women’s issue. so if women don’t have a right to contraceptives, do children have a right to vaccinations? do adults have a right to blood pressure-lowering medication? all of these are PREVENTATIVE measures. because of the female anatomy, women often suffer from multiple complications that can be cured through birth control. birth control is used for purposes other than preventing pregnancy. this is preventative health. from a woman’s perspective, denying my right to certain preventative healthcare seems unconstitutional. even if I could go to a non-profit health clinic to get birth control, there would most likely not be a doctor to tell me which pill to take for a certain health problem. that would require more expertise provided by medical insurance.

    P.S. I hope I don’t ever offend you, I seriously enjoy tossing ideas back and forth. and I do agree with a lot of Mitt Romney’s fiscal policies. I just think it is dangerous when we worry about contraceptives when we are in a ton of debt.

    • Katie, you should never feel like you offend me. If anyone should be afraid of offending people it should be me. 🙂

      I recognize the fact that birth control pills provide strong preventative healthcare values. My biggest issue about all of this is how Obama is just stomping on religious liberties and not showing the least bit of remorse. If it’s against someones religion to do something, then the government should not force them to allow someone else to do it. “But what about those women who are employees of the Catholic Church or go to a Catholic College?” To them I say, go somewhere else. When you sign on to work for a religious institution or attend a religious university, you should expect some sort of dictation by the Church on what kind of moral code you need to follow. To them, birth control is one of those things. If you know going into it that those will be the requirements, and you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

      This is one of the reasons Sandra Fluke bothers me is because she has long been an advocate of this very issue and she went to Georgetown (a Catholic University) for the sole purpose of raising a stink against the Church and getting them to cave on birth control. It’s not right.

      If we really feel like the average woman’s health would be greatly improved if there were greater access to birth control pills, then by all means let’s do something about it. But let’s not infringe on religious liberties in the process.

  2. “First off, how ridiculous is it that we are even having this debate!”
    You said everything that have to say on your first sentence, No need to argue on this topic. Please don’t even encourage anyone. This is a cleverly design trap by liberals for republican. See how happily these republicans fall in to this trap. Liberals knew far right conservatives would go crazy on this issue. They were right, republicans suddenly forgot all the main issues like economy and defeating Obama .Everyone from far right rallies around far right presidential candidates like Rick Santorum who took this issue so serious..
    We cannot win 2012 election just by republican’s votes. We need independents and may be borderline liberals. How in the world we do that by rallying around the far right? This election is not a competition between who is the best conservative republican. This primary should be all about electing the most suitable candidate who can defeat the President Obama.

  3. I often hear the word “right” thrown around. A woman’s “right” to birth control, a child’s “right” to vaccinations, etc. Do you want to know why we are in so much debt? It’s because of all of these so called “rights.” They’re actually called entitlements. There is a difference between rights and entitlements. A right is being able to worship how you want, being able to believe what you want, being able to bear arms, etc. Being provided birth control is not a right. You could argue that It’s your right to go out, talk to a doctor, and BUY birth control, but no one is stopping you from doing that. The issue is that in no way, shape, or form is it your “right” to be PROVIDED with birth control. It is your privilege to BUY it if you so desire, but the government should not be involved with this in the first place. So if you want birth control, go out and buy it yourself, or get a job somewhere that provides it under its insurance and DON’T force everyone else to conform to your wants and desires.

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