Mitt Romney: The Inevitable Nominee

There has been lots of talk about how Romney is struggling to solidify his position as the inevitable nominee. I’m here to tell you that Romney does not struggle with this, he is the inevitable nominee and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are doing nothing but slowing him down and fragmenting the party. Let me explain why their efforts are in vain.

As it stands right now in terms of delegates, Romney has collected 516  to Santorum’s 236 and Gingrich’s 141, and not to leave out our dear friend Dr. Paul, he has 66. To address Ron Paul really quick, he struggles more than anyone else in overcoming Romney in delegates and as it stands right now, it doesn’t look like that will be even possible. However, as you are aware, Ron Paul is running just as much to advocate libertarian ideals as he is trying to become President. So Ron Paul is not going to drop out and we’re just going to have to accept that.

The magic number of delegates to secure the nomination is 1,144. Once a candidate gains that many delegates, they become the nominee. However, if a candidate is unable to come up with that number, then the selection goes to the party convention in August where uncommitted delegates then make the final decision. Santorum and Gingrich are hoping that by staying in they can see Romney commit political suicide like his father, or that they can stall the process and take the fight to the convention, neither of which will happen.

From here on out, I will focus on Santorum and ignore Gingrich and Paul just because they are all in the same boat and Santorum has higher false hopes than anyone. Santorum cannot honestly believe that he can overtake Romney in delegates. I mean, look at the gap. Santorum is trailing Romney by a significant amount. Looking at the fact that only a couple of the remaining primaries are “winner-take-all,” if Romney does just as well in Santorum in the remaining contests, he will maintain his lead giving him a major boost if the fight does end up going to the convention. So, Santorum loses if Romney does just moderately well from here on out. But what are the chances of that? He will not just do moderately well, but will succeed. Romney is a strong candidate and continues to win elections. He recently won in Puerto Rico by +75%, even after Santorum went and campaigned on the island. In Illinois, a big state with lots of delegates, Romney is up +15% according to a poll that came out yesterday about tomorrow’s contest. In California and New York, two more large states with large prizes of delegates up for grabs, Romney is polling very well, even +20% in California. Despite Santorum’s efforts to slow him down, Romney’s chances for collecting the needed 1,144 delegates remain high.

But what if our friend Rick is successful in fragmenting the party to the point where Romney cannot collect the 1,144 needed? What if this fight drags on all the way to the convention? No big deal. Sure, it would put the nominee in a tight spot by giving them a late start on the general election, but Romney will still come out of the convention as the nominee and Santorum explains why that is almost every day.

Santorum and Gingrich go around touting that Romney is the establishment candidate, as if that was a bad thing. They make this claim because Romney is more successful than any other candidate in collecting high profile political endorsements. As far as I’m aware, Romney has collected endorsements from just about every republican governor and most republican senators and congressmen/women. The leadership of the Republican Party seems to support Mitt Romney. So what does Santorum expect to see when he drags this fight to the convention where the leadership of the party selects the candidate? Does he really expect to win over the “establishment” from the “establishment’s candidate”? It’s preposterous for Santorum to think that he will be successful at the convention.

Mitt Romney is the inevitable candidate and the sooner we realize this, the better off we will be against Obama. Leftist news organizations like CNN and even the right leaning Fox News would like you to believe that Romney is a weak front runner, that he has not established himself as the inevitable candidate. They like to say things like, “Romney really needs to win this state to put down doubts in the party.” Don’t let them fool you. They have been saying things like this since Florida.  Romney has lost some of those contests and so the mainstream media goes on to say, “See, we told you so.” But even if Romney wins they will say, “Oh, but he did not win by such a great margin, so therefore, he still has not established himself.” Even if Romney wins Illinois tomorrow by 10%, the mainstream media will still be tearing him down and saying, “Well he really needs to win this next contest.” Stop listening to the mainstream media, and listen to reason.

Romney will be the nominee. Romney will be going up against Obama in the general election. The sooner we unite behind Romney, the sooner we can stop fighting each other and start fighting the real enemy, Barack Obama. Republicans, independents, and even some moderate democrats, are all in agreement that Obama is hurting this country day by day. We need someone who will do what it takes to fix the economy. Though I believe that any of the remaining four republican candidates would do a better job that Barack Obama, Mitt Romney will be the nominee, so we need to unite and give him the best shot at the White House.


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