About Me

My name is Brian Anderson. I’m a BYU Undergrad, future lawyer, and Ukrainian at heart. I am studying International Relations and Russian.

Brian Anderson: Founder of People v. Ignorance: Politics explained for the average patriot

Politics Explained: Brian Anderson, primary contributor

For information on my personal life, feel free to check out my personal blog which is titled, “My Open Book.” As you read, you will find that I pull out all of the stops and do not hold anything back as I tell you about the trials and triumphs in my life. You can find it by clicking here.

I blog because I feel that the world needs to have more watchdogs. I feel that especially in government, too much slips through the cracks and the public never gets every side of the story if they hear the story at all. By adding another voice to the rest, we increase our chances of having the general public be educated on issues.

As you read my blog, you will quickly discover that I am conservative in my political beliefs. But what I try to show people is that there is more  to making decisions than just voting straight down the ticket. There is more to politics than parties. In order to make good decisions, we need to be informed. I am conservative because I have done research and I feel that those ideals align closest with mine. But I do not believe that there is only one right answer.

I may not have my own talk show, TV program, or column in a newspaper, but this is America and my voice should be heard, and so should yours!

I hope you enjoy this political commentary and that it helps you make more informed decisions, even if the decision is different than mine.

If you like what you read, be sure to LIKE the People v. Ignorance: Politics explained for the average patriot Facebook page by clicking here. Also, follow me on Twitter @PPLvI by clicking here.


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